Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Minsk Revision List 1811 - Part 1 #belarus

Randy Rynkewicz <t30rrr1@...>

Vitaly Charny wrote:
<< compiled and transliterate >from Russian the list of
Jewish surnames >from Minsk, Belarus I found in
Revision List (Revizhskaya Skazka) 1811. >>

I am new here - where might I find the list referred to above?

Randy Rynkewicz

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The Revision List 1811 is located in the Minsk archives
and was filmed by the Mormons (LDS). The microfilms can be ordered at any
LDS Family History Center. The film numbers are: 2,008,322-324. Be
advised that these lists are written in Russian.

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