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Subject: Translation Project is one year old
From: Martin Kessel <>

It's hard to believe that it has been only one year since we put our first
Yizkor Book translation on the web. October 6, 1997 was the date we
annouced the translation of Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanislawow) chapter from
Pinkas Ha-kehillot. Today we have 41 translations online, and 10 more are
in hands of our four HTML volunteers -- giving us more than 50 translations
in our first year. Most of these are documents that were never previsouly
available to the English-speaking world. A heartfelt congratulations to
Joyce Field, our tireless Translations Manager, who has kept us on track,
pushing donors, copyright holders, translators, volunteers, and myself to
keep up with the her pace and make this material available as quickly as

Today we put three new translations online:

- Nuremberg, Germany - database of Victims of Shoah >from a forthcoming
book published by the Nuremberg City Archives. Described in detail a
separate announcement >from Joyce.

- Delyatin, Ukraine - unpublished list of Soviet citizens of Deliatyn shot
by German-Fascist invaders, >from documents of a Soviet Commission for the
investigation of military crimes 1944-46. The fifth of a series of lists
transliterated by Alexander Dunai and contributed by Mr. Dunai, Joyce
Field, and Susannah Juni.

- Krynki, Poland - Necrology >from Pinkas Krynki. The first of a number of
lists provided to us by Ellen Sadove Renck and the Grodno Genealogy Group.

In addition, Joel Alpert, has recently expanded two of his yizkor book web

- Dokshitsy, Belarus - now includes many translated chapters, in addition
to name lists >from Dokshitzy Yizkor Book.

- Kybartai, Lithuania - numerous photographs and facsimiles added to Yizkor
book translation.

All of our translations are accessible from
<>. Our thanks to all who
have helped with this important work.

Martin Kessel, Project Manager
JewishGen Yizkor Book Project

Joyce Field

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