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Judith Koenig Fox asked :

Is there a Gomel Gerbania? Is the town of Bykhov actually in
the Gomel Gerbania( I had always thought that it was in the Mogilevsky
Gerbania)? Is there a source that one can go to that will show the Gerbanias
and Districts of Belarus; not just present day, but in the past also?
This is a rather short answer to your question. With the division
of Poland (the Rzecz Pospolita) in 1772, the eastern portion of the
Rechitsa District of the Minsk Voievodstvo (which included Rogachov,
Chechersk and Gomel') became part of Russia. In 1793, the rest of the
Gomel' region was brought into the Russian Empire. With subsequent
territorial reorganizations (1850's), the Gomel' and Rogachov districts
became part of Mogiliovskaia Guberniia, while the Mozyr' and Rechitsa
districts were placed in Minskaia Guberniia. In 1919, most of the former
Mogiliovskaia Guberniia was placed in the newly formed Gomel'skaia
Guberniia (now termed Gomel'skaia Oblast').
A useful source for this is the volume (in Belorussian) Zbor
pomnikaw historyii i kul'tury Belarusi. Homel'skaia voblasts' [Collection
of monuments of history and culture of Belarus'. Gomel'skaia oblast']
(Minsk, 1985). It contains an excellent map. Bykhov, today, is not located
in Gomel'skaia oblast', but in the region directly to its north. It is
south of Mogiliov. You should search for it there in the other volumes of
this series.


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