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Let's be fair. The objection is not to "other religious groups." It
is to missionary groups, which includes the LDS by their own
definition. (There is a branch of Brigham Young U here, but they
are required to do nothing even faintly resembling outreach and you
cannot even find them in the phone book by normal means.)

This is not a function of "the volatile religious situation" but a
reaction to what is considered hostile activity. ( Missionary
activity is illegal even among Jews who might want to convert

Israel Pickholtz
(Please pray for our safety on our roads and in our homes.)

Rebecca Abramson wrote:
In answer to the question about LDS centers in Israel-

Because of the volitile religious situation there, Israeli leaders are very
reluctant to allow other religious groups into their country. (Although my
ancestors are Jewish, my family is LDS). There is one study abroad center
there, but I don't believe they have a Family History Center there)
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