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With the permission of Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann, I am posting her
message because it contains information which may help other researchers.

David Fox
Arnold, MD
Belarus SIG Coordinator

From: <>
Subject: Re: Jewish partisan search (Mandel)

Dear Ken Mandel,
you may wish to contact the
Hamburg Institut f|r Sozialforschung, Mittelweg 36, D-20148 Hamburg, Hermann
Heer and colleagues.
They produced the exhibition and accompanying films and books 'Crimes of the
Wehrmacht' - in connection with which they interviewed many people and did
extensive research in and around the former White Russia. While the focus
of their effort was different >from yours, they have much material at the
Hamburg (Reemtsma) Institut and can be very useful in your work.
Another important source of information and a generally valuable contact
will be the Minsk Museum of the Great Patriotic War (the name of the
director escapes me at the moment). She is extremely helpful. Gave me much
important information and material for my work when I visited there a year
ago. They have valuable documentation on display and in their archives.
Pls don't think me presumptuous if I believe that you may need an
interpreter for your work there, and I would suggest a retired Soviet Army
officer who'd been stationed in Berlin for several years (four I believe) :
Valeri Berdiajew, Vera Horuschka Str 21-12, Minsk 123, Belarus, tel. 0172
3460 47.
Valeri is also a member of the Belarus Peace Commission and has been
enormously helpful to me and the group I was with when I saw him last year.
The eace Commission, also, has many contacts and material that would help
you with your research.
In exchange for all these people's services, may I ask that you and other
interested List members help the Peace Commission with much needed
medical/pharmaceutical material and clothes and other supplies donated to
the Belarus Peace Commission in Minsk?
They and other affiliated groups that I have worked with in Belarus are
assisting victims of the Czernobyl disaster... thank you!
Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann
College of the Mainland <>

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