Help in locating Y-DNA educational resources; researching Zweighaft surname, Katzenellenbogen rabbinical lineage #dna

Susan Zweighaft

Two years ago I had 3 male relatives take the Y-DNA test at
FamilyTreeDNA to add proof to my paper trail which indicated that the
three identified branches had a recent common ancestor. 2 of the
Zweighaft males matched perfectly on 37 markers and the 3rd on 36 of
37. While this was great news, little did I suspect that there might
be an additional surprise awaiting. Two years later, at the recent
IAJGS 2017 conference in Orlando, the Zweighaft surname popped up on
Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull's slide in his talk on famous rabbinical
lineages. 'Zweighaft' was one of 18 surnames in the FamilyTreeDNA
database whose DNA matched that of the three pedigreed
Katzenellenbogen descendants.

(for background on Dr. Paull's earlier study see

I am at a loss as to how to proceed >from here. My knowledge of Y-DNA
analysis is rudimentary at best and I never seem to advance my
understanding much by perusing the learning resources on
FamilyTreeDNA. I'd very much appreciate any suggestions of other
resources I could use to get up to speed on analyzing DNA, Y-DNA
projects, haplogroup studies, terminology, etc. - books, online
classes, blogs, social media groups, etc. I have so many questions -
for instance, my brother closely matches 2 of the testers used in Dr.
Paull's 2016 study, but they are identified as haplogroup J-L823 and
my brother as J-M267. They all are identified as descendants of the
Katzenellenbogen rabbinical dynasty. Thanks very much.
Susan Zweighaft
Falls Church, VA

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