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Joseph Kaplan (born ~1858- very approx; occupation- woodman/forestry) and
his wife Mollie (maiden name: Kivelevitch; DoB unknown). Mollie's father-
Philip Kivelevitch; Joseph's father Michael. There is a family story that
Joseph changed his name >from "Oseyevich" (phonetic spelling) to Kaplan to
avoid the Russian draft, so Michael may not have been a Kaplan. So, 1854
names: Kivelevitch, Oseyevich, (both spellings are based on English
phonetics) and Kaplan. TIA-


Clifford Karchmer wrote:
I forgot to tell you--the Oshmiany Research Group (Lipnishkes was in the
Osh. district, or uezd, in the 19th century) obtained the 1854 Russian
census for the 10-12 towns that made up the Oshmiany uezd. That
included Lipnishkes. We have translated most of it and are going to try
to get it on the web, but need to raise some more money for the
remaining towns.
Lipnishke has been completed; what names are you looking for and I will
try to find something tomorrow.
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