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The price of visa for the FSU are pretty standard at $100-150US.

There are several daily trains >from Minsk to Grodno as well as a bus.

The train >from Poland takes several additional hours when crossing into the
FSU, as the guage on the rail cars in Europe/Eastern Europe are larger than
those in the former FSU, so the wheels on the cars must be changed at the

I don't believe it is possible to rent a car. You may find an English
speaking guide with a car... gas stations, "rest stops" , etc. are few and far
between, and the roads are horrible.

I wouldn't believe every story I am told in the FSU about graft, corruption or
people being "liars"...

I do not personally (through my agency) recommend anyone going into an area
where there is no U.S. Embassy.


Shirley R. Rose,
Travel-Rite, Inc.
L.A. California

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