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David M. Fox <fox@...>

from the Yizkor Book Project Update Nov. 1, 1998:
During the month of October we put a record-breaking 12 new translations on
our web site at <>. We now have exactly 50
Yizkor Book items on-line. A heartfelt "thank you" to our translation
donors and our HTML volunteers, and a special appreciation to our tireless
Translations Manager, Joyce Field.
* Piaski [Piesk], Belarus - Translation of Necrology from: Pyesk ve-Most;
sefer yizkor (Piesk (Piaski) and Most, a memorial book), transliterated and
donated by Ellen Sadove Renck.

* Zheludok (Zoludek), Belarus - Translation of Table of Contents and
Necrology from: Sefer Zoludek ve-Orlowa; galed le-zikaron (The book of
Zoludek [Zhelodok] and Orlowa; a living memorial), translated by Michael
Bohnen and Ellen Sadove Renck, donated by Ellen Sadove Renck.
If any members of this SIG have translated parts of Yizkor books which
would like to share with the Belarus SIG and the Yizkor Book Project,
let me know what you have done. If your Yizkor book hasn't been
you might want to head up an effort to do so.

David Fox
Arnold, MD
Belarus SIG Coordinator

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