Belarus SIG #Belarus Brest-Litovsk Research Effort #belarus

David M. Fox <fox@...>

Hi....I am a member of the Grodno sig interested in
Brest...does your SIG also involve Brest? In any case,
I have taken it upon myself to coordinate the gathering
of those who may have an interest in jointly funding
research in the Brest and Grodno Archives specifically
pertaining to genealogical material for those with roots
in Brest and it's nearby towns. It was suggested to me
that I might want to post this announcement on the Belarus
SIG as well. Would you do that? "Would anyone interested in
participating in the sharing of expenses involved in hiring
a researcher to research Brest-Litovsk genealogical material
at the pertinent sites in Belarus please email me with your name
and address....we will let you know more as things progress further.

Bernard and Philip Rosinsky

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Brest is in Grodno Gubernia and there is a
separate Grodno SIG. It is felt that many researchers of Belarus
have family ties to more than one gubernii and we will try to make
the Belarus SIG as inclusive as the members desire in order to
satisfy the common goals we all have. Please contact Bernard and
Philip Rosinsky by private e-mail.

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