Belarus SIG #Belarus Oshmyany and Smorgan Revision Lists (1858) #belarus

Harold Rhode <hrhode@...>

These areas were in Vilna Guberniia. The Revision Lists are in the Vilna

We the (LITVAK SIG) received a complete copy of the 1858 Revision List for the
Uyezd of Oshmyany which includes both Oshymany and Smorgan (in addition to
other towns).

The Revision Lists need to be translated, and will be put up on the web.
Donations are needed for the translation process.

Please contact the LITVAK SIG for further information about this area.

Belarus SIG digest wrote:

Belarus SIG Digest for Monday, November 23, 1998.

Subject: Oshmyany and Smorgan
From: Scott Noar <>

Does this news group cover Oshmyany and/or Smorgan?


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