Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Shtetl Pobelov #belarus

Martin Fischer

Professor Golden,
I was wondering if Pobolovo might be the actual name of the shtetl where
my wife's great-grandfather lived. On a couple family trees she obtained
from her father, it was listed as Palopokow, Malow, Russia, and as
Palupska, Mvolov, Russia. I have tried several gazetteers, including
online ones, and have been unable to find anything close. But the first
spelling listed in your posting, Pobolovo, seems close and could have
easily been mistakenly changed to Palopokow. What do you think?

Martin Fischer
Oak Park, IL.

Peter B. Golden wrote:
Pobolovo/Pobalava is southwest of Rogachov/Rahachow in present day Gomel
Oblast (Gomel'skaia oblast'/Homel'skaia voblasts')

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