(Israel) New Ruling Permits DNA Testing to Determine Ashkenazi Jewish Descent for those From FSU #dna

Jan Meisels Allen

A new rabbinical ruling in Israel permits a mitochondrial genetic test to
be used as proof of Jewish descent for Ashkenazi Jews which will help many
from the former Soviet Union (FSU) prove their Jewish status.
The ruling comes >from Rabbi Yosef Carmel, who is both co-head of the Eretz
Hemdah Institute for Advanced Jewish Studies and a senior rabbinical judge
on the private Eretz Hemdah rabbinical court in south Jerusalem.

Rabbi Carmel said experts in Jewish genealogy and history have determined
that fully 40% of all Ashkenazi Jews are descended >from just four Jewish
women who left the Middle East over 1,000 years ago and settled in Europe.
Eretz Hemdah commissioned the report and it said, "there is a certainty of
at least 90% and up to 99% that someone bearing specific genetic markers in
their mitochondrial DNA is descended >from one of these women. " The report
was authored by a geneticist >from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
and Rambam Medical Center.

This only covers 40% of the population with the specific genetic markers.
They do not have any genetic test for the other 60% of the population.

To read more see: http://tinyurl.com/ya75nojn

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Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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