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Jacqueline A. Jones <jones@...>

My grandfather left Russia in 1905, for the same reason (conscription would
have been for 25 years!). As for why your grandfather wasn't conscripted, I
suspect they just didn't get to everybody, not having today's outstanding

Jacqueline A. Jones

Philip Mintz wrote:

Hi Everyone: I hope that someone can help me with an oral family tale. My
cousin states that my gg-father emigrated >from Kobrin about 1904 because it
changed >from Poland to Russia at that time, and Russia was conscripting for
the Russo-Japanese war. However, my grandfather was about 21 then and
emigrated (with a wife and 2 children) nine years later. The question -
wouldn't my grandfather have been conscripted if the tale is true? Any
information of that place and time would be appreciated.

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