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Dr Saul Issroff <saul@...>

In the recent biography of Sir Isiah Berlin by Micheal Ignatieff he
talks of Berlin being born in Vitebsk, part of Poland. Was Vitebsk pre -
WW1 ever part of Poland?

Saul Issroff

Itzhak Epstein <Itzhak.Epstein@...> wrote:

Larry Gaum's comments below illustrate one of my main points. While I
advocate focusing on physical and especially social geography he relates to
"Polesie" as a political entity. It is true, as he says, that there was a
Polish gebernia by that name between the wars. It consisted of much of
the western part of greater Polesie -- together with parts of the Polish
gebernias to its north (Nowogrodek) and south (Volhynia). The larger
eastern part was in the Soviet republics of Ukraine and Byelorussia. I am
not aware of any pre-WWII non-Polish political entities by the name of

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