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You are right.

However, being the procrastinator that I am I have not started to work on
the Motele annotated bibliography that I had promised to several people.
Being The perfectionist that I am, I would not cite sloppily.

Nevertheless, The following information may do in the meantime:

Hayim Chemerinsky, aka Reb Mordechele was a very talented and enigmatic
person. During WWI he ended up In Yekatrinoslav working for the same
business as Alter Druyanov (a rather prominent Hebrew man of letters.)
Both were deeply aware of the rapid disappearance of the 19th century
shtetle and promised to describe their respective home towns in writing.
Shortly afterwards Chemerinsky was hospitalized with cancer and scribbled
his communal memoirs with a pencil in notebooks. The editing was done
after his death by others -- mostly Druyanov. Druyanov published them in
Odessa in 1919 in (the first or second issue of ) Reshumot -- his
ethnographic (?) periodical. My copy of 208 pages was republished by Dvir
in Tel Aviv in 5711 (about 1951 CE). While Chemerinsky had been an avid
Yiddishist and a prominent Yiddish writer for some time, these accounts
were written in Hebrew.

Hayah Weizmann-Lichtenstein's Betzel Koratenu, the first volume of her
memories, was published in 5708 (about 1948 CE) by Am Oved in Tel Aviv.
The first 76 of its 256 pages deal with Motele. The account then shifts to
Pinsk and elsewhere in Russia and ends at 2:20 PM on August 1921 as her
family crossed the Soviet border on the way to Eretz Yisrael.

The availability of both of these memories enables us to compare Rashamoon
like accounts of the same events -- not always in agreement. Then, we can
read Chaim Weizmann's accounts in trial and error (first published by
Harper &Brothers, New York in 1949 -- 498 pp.). We also have their mother
Rahel Leah's serialized interview with Jeanne Jaffe in Der Tog , a NYC
Yiddish paper in May 1938.

Please accept the above (not fully checked and edited) notes as an e-mail
message in response to an inquiry. Then, of course, you can wait for my
promised annotated bibliography.

Itzhak Epstein

Stephen Kerlin wrote:
<< Chaim Chemerinsky, Weitzmann's first cousin once removed, in his 1917
deathbed memorir -- Ayarati Motele -- describes the business even better.>>
Robert Weiss wrote:
I have incomplete citations on two of the above, but would like the other

1. Seepurah shel Motele (Recounting Motel), Shmuel Yarden, Jerusalem, Hebrew
2. Hurban Motele (The destruction of Motele), A. L. Poliak, Council of
Motele Imigrants, Jerusalem, 1957, 87pages, Hebrew

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