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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Peter Zimmer >from Muenster, Germany writes:
My gtgtgtgt -grandfather, Elias POHL [born Prague 1764] married Sara KATZ >from
Jenikof in 1793. Three years later, in 1796, their son Lippmann, my gtgtgt-
grandfather was born. On the marriage certificate, his wife's father's name is
given as Philip KATZ >from Jenikof. On the Familiant register, her name is given
as Saara Lippmann Philip. Elias' first son, Lippmann POHL .. became the new
Familiant. The names of his parents are given as Elias and Helena.

Elias divorced his first wife Saara and remarried Helena Isak SCHMELKES in 1818.
What did {divorce} 200 years ago mean for the parents and children?

Peter is worried about the confusion arising between the names Lippmann and
Philip which appear on familianten and wedding certificates as Lippmann Philip and
Philip Katz respectively.

Peter; I believe that there is no confusion but they are synonymous.

I have an example in my family of a teacher called Philip Diamant [1791-1847],
but on 22nd June 1834, the wedding of his daughter, the bride Minna DIAMANT and
her husband Leon BIACH [my gt-gt-gt uncle] are presented with a wedding chalice
from the community in Corompa [Grupa] engraved to Semele, daughter of Lippmann

I presume your Lippmann opted for the family name KATZ and then became known
officially as Philip KATZ.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find either Lippmann, Philip/Filip, or
variants with KATZ/CATZ in the 1793 census of Jenikov Golchuv [Goltsch Jenikau]
or Jenikov Vetrny [Windig Jenikau] in the Caslauer Kreis, so perhaps he had
already died or had moved to Prague. Or is there another place called Jenikov?

As for the confusion between Saara and Helena - there are many examples of the
generic first name "Saara" which alternates with other more established non-Jewish
names. My gt-gt grandmother >from Kolin is sometimes called Sara {POPPER} KOHN
and at other times Caroline [POPPER] KOHN. Her grave in Vienna is inscribed with
the latter name.

Perhaps Lippmann POHL's real mother Saara was also called Helena? If not, there
may be some legal reason that his step-mother Helena is named on the wedding
certificate - or it could be a mistake by the scribe, who overlooked the word

As for divorce two hundred years ago - human nature has not changed and I am sure
the same traumas were present, then as now. Lippmann POHL, however was already
grown-up when his father remarried. He was 23 when his first half-brother was
born, so hopefully there was not much jealousy!

Celia Male [UK]

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