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Michele Chavez <mchavez@...>

Hi Everyone,

Since we are on the subject of names, I hope you don't mind me asking a few
questions. :)

I found my g-grandfather Max Edelberg on a passenger list as Mottel
Edelberg. What is the relationship between the names Max and Mottel?

Also, my aunts have given me the names of two of my g-grandmother's
Greenberg sisters, but I'm not sure if they might be one and the same
person. One's name was Anna, the other Hannah, who my aunt says they called
Hasha. I haven't found any trace of Hannah/Hasha, but I have found evidence
of Anna, including her marriage license and SS# application. Anna married
Kalman Wexstein (Weckstein). Hannah is supposed to have married someone
named Winston. You can see my confusion since the names are so similar,
though my next thought is that perhaps Winston may have been Weinstein.
Further confusion is added because I can't find the supposed children of
Hannah, but have found some of the children of Anna. Does it seem likely
that Hannah and Anna may be the same person and where does the name Hasha
come from?

Michele Chavez
Palmdale, California

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