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Hilary Henkin <propper@...>

Maybe I am mis-informed, but I thought I read somewhere that the Social
Security Death Records Index is available on-line. Could someone
please tell me where to find the Social Security Death Index Records

I found a very nice version at It'll even print out a
letter for you to send to the SSA for a copy of the rrecoeds.

Two things I found helpful::
Not everyone is in the SSDI. It's mostly since they began computerizing
the records in 1964.

If you do ask for the file, ask for a copy of the microfilmed oroginal
records. Apparently, some folk have been send transcribed data, which is
not as complete as the microfilm.

Happy Hunting!

Hilary Henkin
Atlanta, GA

MODERATOR NOTE: Several others are replied with the same answer to the
question about the SSDI. I have not posted them because they would not
add to the discussion. Thanks to the others that responded.

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