Belarus SIG #Belarus RE: Social Security Records #belarus

Maria Krane

Hello Folks,
Please keep in mind that not all deaths are recorded on the index
either. I was unable to find my husband's grandfather in the index, as well
as other family members. I assumed he might not have applied for social
security. I found his SS# on his death certificate. I had forgotten it was
there. I sent away for the application at that point. If you don't have the
SS# they will do a search for you but it is more (about $14). In other words,
don't give up because the information isn't easily available.

Maria Krane
Pembroke Pines, Florida

searching: HOFFMAN/RACHMAN in Svir, Belarus, HOFFMAN/KATZ/REMER in
Salakas, Lithuania and KREYN/OKIN/SCHULDNER in Vegery, Lithuania

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