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Eve Sacker wrote:
from VILYENESKIA province. The region is listed as VILENKIYEZD ( not sure
about the spelling). The family is thought to have hailed >from Belarus but
I cannot find any reference to such places in Belarus or in modern Russia.
Can anyone help us narrow the search a little?? Perhaps these places are
not even in Belarus !! Even that information would help!!

I am trying to help you. First of all if the translater told you that your
husband's great grandmother's paternal name was Gerzog? It might help you in your search.

The region name is Vilenky YEZD (the letter "Y" means "U" in Englishand it
must be UEZD)- the second part of the word means subregion, like
"arrondisment" in Paris, for example. Are you sure that your spelling is
right? For me it looks like one letter"s" is missing, then it will be
Vil'nsky >from Vilno or today it is called Vilnus, the capital of Lituania.
I am sending you as an attachment the map of Belorrusia dated 1890, look there
again, but I am pretty sure there is some mistake in spelling. If you wish
you may send me a copy of Russian version and I read it to you properly.

The map:

Irene Kudish

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