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I am a new member in the discussion group. For the last couple years I am
writing a book about my family and trying to create a family tree for the
surname LIBKIND. Originally my great great grandfather >from GORKY of
Mogilev guberniya. I made research about the origin of the name and about
migration of my ancestors to Ekaterinoslav and Kherson guberniyas.
Unfortunately there is no information available about shtetl Gorky. I
appreciate enormously if somebody has a knowledge about this matter or
could refer me literature about it. Also I'll be interested to hear if
somebody ever heard or knew the people by the name LIBKIND.

I have started my search with 30 family members,
now we are 350! I have more than 100 pictures new ones and very old of the
XIXth century Some of them are unidentified. As soon as I copy them on
computer I believe it will be possible to display them for all our members.
Thank you very much in advance.


Irene Kudish

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