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Personally, I would do an autosomal test on all 4 and a Y-DNA 67 on #1.
IMHO, mtDNA is interesting, but isn't of a lot of genealogical value.
I have personally had a great deal of success testing known relatives
from different branches and then comparing them to my FTDNA FamilyFinder
matches via DNA triangulation.

Mindie Kaplan

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We have the following "oldest" relatives on my mom's side, all born in
the 1920s & 30s:

1 - grandfather's nephew

2 - grandmother's cousin, male (may only share GM & not GF, so maybe
only half cousin)
3 - grandmother's cousin, female (may also be only half cousin)

4 - aunt

We know absolutely nothing about the maternal grandfather's side, but
most of my GEDCOM matches do seem to come >from him. And on the paternal
side we think we have a ton of relatives (people having the same name in
the same shtetls for instance), but as with the other matches, we can't
find any records to prove it.

Before these people are gone, my cousin wants to do some DNA testing (so
far I am the only one who has done any tests).

If we want to have more family tree information, who should we test, &
what test should we do?
FTDNA family finder + Y67 + mfFull for both men, or a bundle with Y-111
FTDNA family finder + mtFull for both ladies or just for #3 or just #4?
Or are those overkill for what we want?

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