Should companies change default sorting to largest segment? #dna

Benjamin First

Dear all,

Firstly thank you to whoever suggested looking at those with largest
segments rather than total cm's a few months ago. By sorting by
largest segment on gedmatch and FTDNA I found a 2nd cousin twice
removed at the top of the list on gedmatch and a fourth cousin at the
top of the list on FTDNA. Both had a largest segment of around 40cm
but no other segments over 20cm. Until then I had had lots of false
positives. This makes me think that it might be an idea if the
testing companies and gedmatch sorted by largest segment as the
default sort at least for those in an endogamous population (would it
do any harm even for those without endogamous DNA?). Does anyone
else think this is a good idea to suggest to them?

Many Thanks

Ben First

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