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Arlene Beare

Thanks Adam I do agree with you. However with the DMT programme I can see
how many cM's in each match >from A-c or B-c and lots of other details which
help me decide if Jewish Endogamy is at work.

It is not an exact science just a helpful tool.

Arlene Beare

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From: "Adam Cherson" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 09:00:07 -0400

In regards to Arlene's triangulation post, I would like to add that
triangulation is not always as clear as one would hope. I have a pair of dna
results that I often use as triangulation guideposts. One kit is my aunt's
and the other is her paternal first cousin. One would think that anyone that
matches my aunt but not her paternal first cousin would clearly be related
to my aunt on her on her maternal side. The problem is that even a known
maternal 2nd cousin of hers also matches her paternal 1st cousin. When you
add the fact that the amount of gene sharing among cousins of equal
genealogical distance can vary considerably, one is left with often
ambiguous results. The point is of course that dna analysis triangulations
involving potential relatives who are greater than 4 steps away (i.e.
further than 1st cousins), and especially in highly endogamous populations,
are difficult if not impossible to interpret in the absence of additional
and supporting genealogical information. Beware of isolated triangulation!

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