Re: Effect of Double Cousining on Gene Sharing Results #dna


Lara Diamond has been working on a project for Ashkenazi Jews.
Initial results can be found here:
[or --Mod.]

Information on how to contribute is here:
[or --Mod.]

She also asks for information about known double relationships.

I do like the idea of establishing your own "norm" within your own
genetic lines, but it is insanely time consuming. I'm working on a
spreadsheet comparing all of my kits now. It's revealing some
fascinating information, but it's also taking a *lot* of work.

Mindie Kaplan
Montgomery Village, MD

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According to Blaine Bettinger's graph ( >from the autosomal Shared cM
Project - see, you would expect to
see an average of 79cM shared with a single third cousin and the sharing
can vary >from 0 to 198cM in total. That may increase, possibly even double,
when the third cousin has 'reinforcement' >from both the maternal and
paternal lines (logically it should lift the third cousin to a variety of
second cousin - again reference the Bettinger graph). But...

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