Fw: The names Israel and Sara #austria-czech

Florence & Henry Wellisch <kelwel@...>

While going through the birth records of Kolmar in Posen, now known as
Chodziez in Poland I found 7 children of Jacob and Charlotte Rotholtz. They
were born between 1876 and 1886. In the case of Leib, born in 1876, the name
of Israel, and the following handwritten note, translated >from the German
was added:
Based on Paragraph 172, Section 5 and the decision of the district
commissioner (Herr Landrat), the permission for registration of the second
name "Israel" is hereby given. Kolmar, 27. II. 1941
In the case of the daughter Fritze, born in 1884, the name of Sarah and a
similar handwritten note dated 31.3.1941.was added.
The other 5 children do not have the additional name Israel or Sara added.
I have done a lot of research in the Vienna Jewish records and found many
birth and marriage entries, dated 1939 with a stamp indicating acceptance of
the name of Israel or Sara. I always thought this stamp indicated that the
person would be in Vienna at the time, but now I have been told that this
may not necessarily be so. Is this correct?
Henry Wellisch

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