Re: Paternal and Maternal designations within Family Finder (FTDNA) #dna

Janet Akaha <akaha@...>

In response to Steven Bloom and Jeffrey Herman re FTDNA and maternal and
paternal assignments.

The maternal and paternal matches are determined based on shared DNA. So
these are not just "in common with matches". The way this works is that
you have to attach your known DNA matches to your family tree. As you
are typing their name, Family Tree DNA will usually recognize the name
and give you a suggestion. Click on that suggestion and that person's
DNA will be added to your tree. When you go back to your match list
Family Tree DNA should "recalculate" and assign some of your matches to
either the paternal or maternal bucked depending on your relationship to
the person you just added. This generally only works up through 3rd
cousins. The goal is to extend this out to more distant cousins, and
ultimately to "paint the chromosome", but it is very useful in assigning
your matches to one of set of chromosomes. If someone matches on *both*
chromosomes they will be put in the purple bucket.

Janet Akaha

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