Re: False Positives? #dna

Raina Accardi <raina.accardi@...>

Hi David,

Its hard to tell >from the Ancestry relationship estimate exactly what is
going on but an extremely high probability and that much shared DNA is
not a false positive. You two are definitely cousins of some kind. If
you can convince the match to upload to Gedmatch you will be able to get
a better estimate of the relationship by looking at the size of the
individual segments (larger sizes will indicate closer relationships) and
see if there are a lot of small segments (indicates endogamy). A 4th
cousin would share a 3x great grandparent so you may be looking at
roughly 150 years ago in the 1860s. Can you find any common locations
between your matches ancestors and yours at that time? If so, you might
be able to infer who the common ancestors are even if their surnames are
different. Many Jews took different surnames even among the same family,
some after the mother, some after the father, some made up new ones.
Another course is to look at the family trees of "shared" matches. Are
there any names and locations that connect to either your or your
match's tree? If so, that may be a line of further research.

Raina Accardi
Saugerties, NY

From: "David Goldman" <>
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2018 22:09:59 -0400

Hello, everyone at the DNA Group. I was notified of a new "extremely
high" probability of a 3rd or 4th cousin match >from Ancestry with 102
centimorgans on 7 segments. However, when I was in touch with that all
match we shared the family names we could think of and none of them . The
were the same "match" would mean that our grandparents or great- first
grandparents were cousins. My known last names go back to my great-great-
grandparents, and even a couple more beyond that. So given this "false
positive" I would haveto strike this up to the fact of high endogamy among
Ashkenazi Jews, such that perhaps we had ancestors several hundred years
ago who were the same. But for purposes of genealogy for most of us, such
speculation is probably rather meaningless.

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