questions about various dna ethnicity companies #dna

ava rosenblum


Ancestry just updated their dna profiles. Ten years ago, they
advertised as going back as much as 1,000 years. However, now they
are stating that they go back only a few hundred years. The update
told me what I know >from my own document research.
(I went >from being 97 percent European Jewish, with 1 percent Italy/
Greece, 1 percent central Asia, and 1 percent Eastern Europe to 100
percent Euro Jewish.)

Based on a quick online search, I don't believe any of these
companies offer information that goes back more than a few hundred

So, I thought I'd send in a note here in case there is a company that
someone knows of that can assist beyond document analysis of family

Thank you.

Ava Rosenblum
Minneapolis, USA

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