Belarus SIG #Belarus Completed Translation of Wlodova Yizkor List AND starting KOBRIN #belarus

Haim Sidor


I have FINALLY completed the translation of the WLODOVA Yizkor List
(a town in present day Poland about 40 miles south of Brest Litovsk
just on the other side of the border of Belarus today!) - If anyone
has any inquiries which are pressing I would be happy to look them
up, otherwise the file will be on line (3600 names) at the Yizkor
Book site in a few weeks.

I have also began work on KOBRIN Yizkor List - I am starting with
the list >from the Argentinian Volume - I only received photocopies
of FOUR pages!
Is that all there are?
Does anyone have a copy of the book?
If there are more pages PLEASE let me know and if possible please
mail me copies of yours.

Haim Sidor

SIDOR/ SIDER - Brest Litovsk (and also Lithuania)
PERNICK - Brest Litovsk and area
GREENSTEIN- Brest Litovsk and area
FEINBERG - Brest Litovsk and area
CHOTY - Brest Litovsk and area
LUTNICK/ LATNICK - Brest Litovsk and Wlodova
AINBINDER - Kovel, Ukraine and Kobrin
MOROTCHNICK - Kovel, Ukraine
LICHTENSTEIN - Ostrow Mazwiecka, Poland
JASSINOFSKY - Kobrin and area
MENACHES - Warsaw, Poland
BERGSON (ZBITKOVER) - Warsaw, Poland
SILVERMAN - Keltz, Poland
TAUB - Gostinin, Poland (?)
MARGOLIS - Sniadowo, Poland and area

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