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Martin Miller <millerm@...>

Those of you with Kobrin connections and web access please have a look
at a photo on my web site at

This picture was taken during my grandfather's visit to Kobrin in 1932.
His name was Osher DUBETSKY, however in the US he was known as Sam DUBIN.
His mother was Sarah Rifka GOLUBOVITCH. Two sisters remained in Kobrin
with their husbands.

My grandfather is in the center of the picture with his mother to the

At the left is his sister Pesha Chaya NAJMAN and her husband, whose
first name is not known. At the right is sister Maram Itke NAJMARK
and her husband Yankel. There are five children in the family group. The two boys in the window were neighbors. Both sisters were pregnant at the time the picture was taken. One had twins. So there were at least eight children between the two, who were my mother's first cousins.

No one in the family knows the names of these children. All are
presumed to have perished in the Holocaust. I am hoping that someone
will recognize one or more of the folks in the picture. Or does anyone
know a former resident of Kobrin that could identify them?

Martin Miller in Syracuse, NY

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