Y-DNA Genetic Signature of R. Pinchas of Korets and Shapiro Rabbinical Lineage #dna

Susan Steeble

I am pleased to announce that a pre-publication draft of our Y-DNA
research study of the renowned Shapiro rabbinical lineage descending
from Rabbi Pinchas Shapira of Korets (1726-1791) has been posted on
Academia.edu :
[or https://tinyurl.com/yatxahr4 --Mod.]

We used both traditional genealogical methods and current DNA
techniques and technology to identify the unique Y-DNA genetic
signature of the lineage. We invite feedback on our study. If you
believe that you are a patrilineal descendant of Rabbi Pinchas Shapira
of Korets, or the Shapiro rabbinical lineage/dynasty, and you wish to
participate in this Y-DNA research study, please contact the first
author, Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull. Dr. Paull's contact information can be
found in the downloadable PDF at academia.edu.

Susan Steeble
Baltimore, MD

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