Re: DNA tests in Israel #dna

Sarah L Meyer

This is my understanding of the situation:
1. Israeli law (due to concern about mamzerim) has a law that prohibits DNA
testing for the purpose of "finding family". As far as I know paternity
tests and health tests are still permitted. This law is about 2 years old.
2. My Heritage does not sell to Israelis or allow uploads >from Israeli
computers. Some people have their data uploaded >from the US or elsewhere.
3. I have purchased and sent DNA kits >from FTDNA to Israel, that were
returned directly to the lab in Houston. Some were prior to the passage of
this law. Since I live in the US, I was able to upload the results of the
Israeli kits to MyHeritage.
4. I have a number of Israeli matches on MyHeritage to my own kit - and
their MyHeritage site and information is in Hebrew

Sarah Meyer
Georgetown, TX

Martin Davis wrote:

Yohanan Loeffler: "My understanding is that the tests are prohibited by
the Israeli law. Therefore MyHeritage, as an Israeli company, can't
sell a kit to anyone with address in Israel. An Israeli can do a test
only if someone >from overseas order the kit to their overseas address
and send it back >from overseas, and the account should be linked to an
overseas email. I wonder what does the law say and what is the rule for
kits >from other companies, e.g. FamilyTreeDNA."

Is that really so - no statement like that should be published without
citing the actual facts - it is just hearsay.

I would, at a minimum, want to know which Israeli 'law' this is -
definitely not the one that has been proposed to be used to establish
the right of return for former citizens of the FSU. I match with dozens
of Israeli kits on myHeritage and FTDNA and cannot imagine they, or the
various DNA testing centres based in Israel, are breaking or bending
the law but I'm happy to learn new facts!

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