DNA percentages on GedMatch #dna

David Goldman

Greetings, everyone. Although my basic DNA report on FTDNA and Ancestry
record being 100% Ashkenazi, this appears different according to the reports
appearing in Ged Match using Admixture Heritage, the project Eurogenes
through JTest and Eurogenes 13.
I don't understand this. But maybe the experts can explain it to us in
layman's languages.
It includes the largest percentages (25-30% each) for "Ashkenazi," East
European, West Mediterranean, East Mediterranean, and others, even 2% for
West African and East African. I guess one could contemplate migration
patterns involving converts along the way, including slaves way back when
from this data (which would be great for a historical novel). The Jtest also
brings up "Amerindian," Bulgaria, Romania. How does one put this all into
some kind of perspective beyond the simple category of Ashkenazi Jew?
My head is spinning!
David Goldman

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