Re: DNA Matches #dna

David Goldman

Greetings, everyone. I hate to say that I think the matches I am provided
through the various sites are driving me batty. I realize that in most of
them called "third cousin" the longest segment is only around 10 at the
most, with the "overlap" varying below and above 100, but why does the
system proclaim a cousinhood of third cousin or such when this surely
doesn't mean that in most cases?!! All it means is that two people have some
common genetic background at some time in the distant past that is retained
in us, even where some of my matches are with non-Jews who probably had had
a Jewish ancestor in the distant past. But this doesn't translate into a
third or fourth cousin.

I am just about ready to give up contacting the vast majority of matches I
am provided with by the various sites. It just doesn't mean anything for
family genealogy within the past one or two centuries. Some of my own
relatives keep asking me, "How far back do you want to do this?! Of course
we are all related at some point, what's the big deal?!" Sometimes I have no
answer for such questions.

David Goldman

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