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Andi Alpert Ziegelman asked:

1. Might Habad hasids have a habit of naming unrelated children after
famous hasids, of which Shneur Zalman and Menahem Mendel were two?
Yes. I have Lubavich (i.e. Habad) relatives. There are many young people
named Menakhem Mendel because of Menakhem Mendel Shneerson, the most
recent Lubavich rebbe.

The ancestors you wrote about could have been named after the rebbes of
their own time, or earlier rebbes, or after ancestors who were themselves
named after rebbes. It is most likely, I would guess, for people to be
named after the then-current rebbe, so you can compare the approximate
birth year of each ancestor with who was then the rebbe.


-- Judy Kunofsky
-- Berkeley, California

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