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On March 24 I posted a message that included the following:

"Sandler is one of the matronymic surnames: Sandler (or Shandler, Shandlin,
etc.) means "descendent of Shayndl", just as "Rivkin" means "descendent of
Rivka", "Dvorkin" means "descendent of Dvora" etc. People with these
surnames won't necessarily be related, as the female names were quite

My husband, Mitchell Shandling, an amateur linguist, has since told me he
doesn't believe Sandler/Shandler are the same as the matronymic names
Shandlin/Shandling. All the ones that are clearly matronymic end in "-ing"
(Shandling) or "-in" (Dworkin, Rivkin, Malkin).

"Sandler" would, in Yiddish, mean a sandal maker (not a shoemaker, which is

I hope the useful information I posted re matronymics makes up for the
(possibly) incorrect information I posted on Sandler/Shandler!


-- Judy Kunofsky
-- Berkeley, California

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