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Bill Schechter <bschech@...>

Two items concerning yesterday's digest:

First, my contribution to the "cousins marriage" discussion: My
grandfather and his two brothers, who had already emigrated, sent money
to their parents in Russia to come to America. A year or so later (after
WWI), the father arrived, but he disembarked with different wife--his
cousin! The three brothers, waiting at dockside, were quite surprised to
say the least. As it turned out, my grandfather's mother had died
without his knowledge, communication being what it was in those days.
Thus was a great family story born, and it had a happy ending. The new
wife, already a Schechter by birth, became a beloved step-mother and
grandmother to the family. Of course, now that our dark little secret is
out, our family history has become a little less unique. But we now feel
so normal! What a relief.

Second, I used the link provided to try to access the Central State
Historical Archives in Belarus. Alas, I couldn't even make it to the
challenges of the Russian text. Instead my web browser sent up a
message: "No DNS entry for this address"--so I got nothing at all. Was
the link incorrectly typed? Anyone have a suggestion?


Bill Schechter

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