Re: Ashkenazic percentage question #dna

Sarah L Meyer

Dear Mr. May,
The 1/8th is an average - or the mean of the distribution. Only from
your parents is it exactly 50-50. But >from your grandparents or great
grandparents the percentages vary. For example you could have received from
your mother you could have received 45% of her 50% >from her mother and 55%
of her 50% >from her father. >from your father you could have received 75% of
his 50% >from his father and 25% of his 50% >from his mother. You might look
at the ISOGG wiki ( for more
information. Most of their charts talk in percentage and cM charts of how
much DNA you share with your matches, but this is discussed as well. Also
there are several Facebook groups which deal with this sort of question.

Dear community,

I have 1 known Ashkenazi great grandparent of 8. One eight is 12.5%.
According to 23andMe, FTDNA, AncestryDNA and MyHeritage DNA my DNA is about
20% Ashkenazi. All agree on this. This is 1.6 times more Ashkenazi DNA than
I can account for genealogically.

Is it more likely that I have an undiscovered ancestor with Ashkenazi DNA,
who perhaps assimilated, or that I simply inherited more than half of my
grandparent's Ashkenazi DNA? Thank you for your kind erudite help!

Richard May

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