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My congratulations to the members who formed this SIG. It was badly needed.

My great grandfather Herman EISENKRAMER entered the US shortly before mid
1861. He came >from Weiler Germany (Near Monzingen) just East of the Alsace
Lorraine border. He was one of eleven children of which we believe ten
survived to adulthood.

When he came here he was only twenty two and we do not know if any siblings
arrived with him. June 2, 1861
he joined the Union Army, Enlisted as a Pvt in the 62nd NY Regiment under
Capt L S Clarks. He was honorably discharged at Peterburg VA 6/29/64. He
became a citizen in 1868 and settled in Manhattan, New York County, New
York City.

Of his generation we have tracked the families of three other siblings all
of whom entered the US after 1885, settling in Missouri, Iowa and Arkansas.
The others we have only limited or no data.

Best regards,

Stephen A. Cohen
East Meadow NY

PS: I am researching the following families:

MODERATOR NOTE: I have deleted several lines of names and places being researched because they were not relevant to the topic of the SIG. When including a "signature" or list of names/places in postings to this sig, please limit them to U.S. locations. Otherwise it is a lot to wade through and there are other SIGs for most other geographic areas. Thanks for your help in this.

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