Welcome to new members #usa

Rachel Unkefer <runkefer@...>

We are now up to 50 members, and it's only been about 48 hours. For
those of you who have just joined, please send a message of
introduction telling what names, cities and states you are
researching along with the approximate eras. Also let me know if
there is a particular state or area in which you have expertise or
whether you have experience doing web pages. Here's an example of an
introductory message. Those of you who have AOL mail service did not
receive this message because it was sent in MIME format and it was
mistakenly accepted to the list. PLEASE make sure you are sending
your postings in TEXT ONLY. If you need instructions on how to do
this using Outlook, I can send them to you.


From: lobbenberg@...

Toronto, Ontario Canada
LOBBENBERG - Utah 1860s
LOBBENBERG - California 1880s
LOBBENBERG - Pennsylvania 1860s


Rachel Unkefer
Charlottesville, VA

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