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Rachel <Rachel@...>

Recently a cousin of mine typed up many of my great grandmother's
memories and a copy was sent to me. Apparantly, a branch of her
family orginated in Spain. They were wealthly Jews and were
eventually kicked out by the Roman Catholics. The family wondered
around for a while, stopping in Italy at one point. Finally they
settled in Southern Russia, but I'm not exactly sure where. I was
wondering if other people who are part of the Belarus SIG have
similar family stories. I had absolutely no idea some of my family
may have orginated in Spain. At this time, I do not want to give out
family surnames and other info related to this family story until I
get more detailed info >from my relatives. But for now, I was just
curious to see how many others have similar tales.

Rachel Astrahan
Los Alamitos, CA

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