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Laureen Glicklin Sussman asks about grandparents not being buried next
to spouses. In the event of multiple marriages, halacha demands that
burial be next to the last spouse. While that rule is often overlooked
even in Israel, that can be the reason for some strange burial findings.

Adar Belinkoff
Claremont, CA

Researching: BELINKOFF >from Gomel, Israel, Youngstown and Los Angeles;
CHARNAK >from Gomel, Ukraine, Youngstown and Philadelphia; MAGIDSON >from Gomel, Youngstown and New York; KLEINERT or Klein >from Gomel(?); PINTCHUK >from Tomaszov Mazieowecki, Youngstown & Cleveland; NUMBERG >from Lomza and Chicago; GOLDER (GOLDFARB) >from Ostrolenka and Chicago.

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