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Hello All,

Thank you very much to all of you, who visited the site and gave your impression.

The real thanks are due to Ms. Kathlyn T. Winston, Researcher of the David-Horodoker Organization of Michigan, USA, much more than the few words spelled out in the Acknowledgment page of the site. It is she, who is behind the info on this site, which partially reflects her enormous work, originally created in Microsoft Word (TM) format.

The site is a work in progress. It grows almost every day. The latest additions are a "Links" page, which is still in its infancy, and a "What's New?" page. Kathy amd myself are now engaged in digitizing and uploading the pictures of the Yizkor-book, and I started to transliterate to English the Necrology, which is entirely in Hebrew/Yiddish. So come back and visit frequently.

There is now a mirror-site also: <>. Here the host adds a banner-ad on each page, a small price to pay for a free site-hosting. While now this is the mirror and is updated infrequently, in the future, the roles may be reversed, because of thechnical or financial considerations.

You are also invited to visit <>, the homepage of the discussion-group (or newsletter) about these sites, and to subscribe to it. This is a moderated list, so it is spam free.

Thank you again,

Moshe M. Shavit

Shavit D & M

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