Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: AOL ver. 6.0 #belarus

Elsebeth Paikin

To Belarus SIG

About upgrading to the AOL 6.0 ver.:

You are advised to consider carefully before getting the AOL upgrade.
Some have reported that it has negative effect on their computers.
Furthermore, there is no provision to uninstall it and many have found
that it is not nearly as computer friendly as previous versions.

From: Chuck Weinstein
Apparently, the newest version of AOL's software has an E-mail program
that sends messages only in multi-part MIME format. This format is
incompatible with the software this listserve uses, and messages sent to
any of JewishGen's news groups or SIGs will be unreadable to those who
try to read them. Messages received in this format will be rejected by
JewishGen moderators. PLEASE, if you are considering upgrading to the
latest version of AOL software, hold off until we can figure a work
around. I can assure you we are looking at it carefully. Thanks.

And >from Carol Skydell:
Thanks to the persistence of JoAnne Vanett, we have an answer >from AOL
regarding version 6. There is NO option to select plain text in ver 6

JewishGen is seeking the advice of a programmer on whether it is possible
for us to have a special script written to strip out the mime in any
message coming in with it.

The moderation team for the discussion group is also going to experiment
with cleaning up messages in mime and stripping out the mime commands in
the header.

Will keep you posted.

Best regards

Moderator of the Belarus, Denmark
and Ekaterinoslav Discussion Groups
Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark

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