Early American name list #usa


Thank you, Rachel Unkefer and JewishGen, for this important new SIG!

Helen Horwitz
Westfield, NJ, until 8 Sept 00
Albuquerque, NM, after 15 Sept 00

MOSES, Boston, Massachusetts 1865-1875
MOSES, Chicago, Illinois 1880-??
BIEBER, Pennsylvania 1864-65
BIEBER, New York, New York 1872-75
BIEBER, Chicago, Illinois 1882-1887 and 1915-??
BIEBER, St. Paul, Minnesota 1888-1920
MARKUS, Duluth and Keewatin, Minnesota 1882?-??
HORWITZ, St. Paul, Minnesota 1880-??

I can recommend some good web sites for Minnesota and Illinois, and some
excellent books for those states plus Michigan. All my books are packed
for my upcoming move, but I will share them with the SIG this fall from

Helen Horwitz

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