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Dear Geners,
My great grandfather came to America and I have not been able to
found out what ship he came on. He settled in KY and was married
1849 in KY. His wife's family came over and her father signed the
marriage certificate. I have all their children and information on her
family but no information on his siblings except one brother who
lived in Louisville and his children.

His name is Simon Oberdorfer and his wife's name is Hannah Weil.
His brother was Marx Oberdorfer. The Oberdorfer family came >from
Hainsfarth. Their parents were Nathan Hirsch Oberdorfer and Colla. I
was told there were many children. If anyone has information on
when Simon arrived, or any of his siblings, I would appreciate it.

Researching Oberdorfer--Hainsfarth
Emmanuel --Durmenach
Adele ADATTO New Orleans, LA

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