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Edward Rosenbaum <erosenbaum@...>

We are pleased to annouce the following new information on the Belarus SIG

-Jewish surnames >from the Minsk Gubernia - by Vitaly Charny. A list of over
5500 surnames that have appeared in various 1900-1914 records.

-The 1842 Creation of Kovno Guberniya Changed the Borders of the Vilna
Guberniya and Grodno Guberniya - by Ellen Sadove Renck - A clickable map of Belarus

-List of tavern, etc. owners in Minsk and their taxation (in Rubles per
year) - 1880 Minsk Gubernia Vedomosti #1, by Larissa Charny

-The Transliteration and Translation Aids section of the Belarus Resources
page has been enhanced to have information on Cyrillic and Yiddish
transliteration, and Cyrillic script.

Edward Rosenbaum
Bergenfield, NJ
Webmaster, Belarus SIG (
President, JGS of Bergen County, New Jersey

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