Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Woman's name after a divorce #belarus

Joyce Weaver <joyweave@...>

I, too, think this is a great question. And I have another
twist on it. I found two women on a passenger list who I think
are my great-grandmother and great-aunt. Both are listed as
BLUMBERG. However, my reat-grandmother had been widowed and
remarried and widowed (I think-- but maybe divorced) again
before coming to the US. The family line is, "she buried
three husbands in Europe and married another one here."
The BLUMBERG children were >from either the first or second
marriage, definitely not the third.


Carol Rombro Rider wrote:

What an interesting question! I don't recall seeing this addressed
I have a passport of a relative >from Russia (Vilna Gubernia) who in
1893 came into the US. There are two names on the passport--hers and
her daughter.

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